Brewing Process

The Brew-On- Premises brewing process is quick, simple and fun!

Taking only ~1 hour out of your day to brew (or 5min if you want to SPEEDBREW) and returning ~ 2-3 weeks later (for ~1 hour) to can, bottle or keg your selected beer or cider so you may enjoy your creation at home or your next event.

So whats involved when you come to BREW- University to create your liquid gold? Well it goes a little something like this:

  1. Call/ Email or Use Booking Link to book a time to Brew on Premises
  2. Write your booking down somewhere- you don’t want to forget! We will however try to remind you with a call the day before.
  3. Make payment via Cash, Cheque, Eftpos or Credit Card on the day
  4. LEARN:
  • L- Learn the process of beer/cider production from start to finish, the quality ingredients needed and cleanliness that is required to make your ~50L batch
  • E- Engineer your own brew and be guided through the steps of DIY brewing on premises
  • A- Actively create your brew and transfer to fermentation tanks in our custom, temperature controlled cool rooms.
  • R- Reap the rewards in ~2-3weeks from brewing date where you will return to bottle, can or keg your selected creation and sample your hard efforts to ensure quality and taste have been maintained. You are now free to take home your beer/cider.
  • N- Never pay full price for Beer/cider again….ever!

When you come brew at BREW-U, we will provide all the necessary items such as:

  • Range of quality Hops, Malts and Grains
  • Both pre-packaged and custom (grown on premises) yeast
  • Commercial grade brewing and filtration systems
  • Specific temperature controlled cool rooms for fermentations