Beer Range

At Brew University- anything is possible! We do have a standard range of over 75 brews that embodies your Aussie favourites such as Emu Export, Matso Ginger Beer, Coopers Sparking to your more international blends of Kilkenny Drafts and Vienna Lagers. However, as we have brewers in house, they can customise and amend recipes to your taste, allowing you to create a personal brew that keeps those tastebuds happy. See our range below or click in the link to get a copy of our menu and pricing.


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Featuring (some examples below):

Kolsch-style Ales

Wheat Ales (Redback)

Steam Beers (Mountain Goat Steam Ale)

Cream Ales (Miller's Draft)

Mid Strength Ales (Rogers')



Sophmore ALes

Featuring (some examples below):

American Pale Ales (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale)

German Pale Ales (Altbier)

Red Ales (Tooheys Red)

Golden Ales (James Squire Golden Ale)




Featuring (some examples below):

Sparkling Ales (Coopers Sparkling)

Irish Stouts (Guiness Draught)

XPA's (Balter XPA)

Double IPA's (American IIPA)



Freshman Lager

Featuring (some examples below):

Light Lagers (Cascade Premium Light & Emu Export)

Mexican Lagers (Corona)

Pilsners (Peroni)

Mids (Budweiser)





Featuring (some examples below):

Bohemian Pilsner (Pilsner Urquell)

Danish Lager (Carlsberg)

Japanese Dry (Asahi)

Dry Lager (Carlton Dry & Hanh Super Dry)





Featuring (some examples below):

Vienna Lager

Dutch Lager (Grolsch)

Truman Pilsner (Trumer Pils)

Dark Lagers (San Miguel Dark)




CIDER & Ginger beer

Featuring (some examples below):

Ginger Beer (Original)

Spiced Ginger Beer (Matso's)


 Cloudy & Crystal Apple Cider

Apple Cider Lager