About Us

Welcome to Brew U: Brew University- the home of high quality beers, brew education and experimentation. Brew U: Brew University is the brainchild of us 6 avid brewers from Roleystone, Western Australia, where we are taking the traditional “brew it yourself” business model and integrating it with a full forced, flavour driven, craft brewing approach. 

Brewing beers, ciders and ginger beers, we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to understand all stages of the brew process, initially from the use of malt extract to future, all grain systems. With this added knowledge of brewing behind you, we hope to expand peoples understanding, appreciation and exposure to beer choices, making the consumption of all beer types more enjoyable and of course, money saving!

With years of brewing experience behind us, each of the Brew Universities recipes have been custom made, with the inclusion of as many local producers and vendors as possible (we love local). As seasons change, so do some of our recipes, where we throw in some limited time, special brews for good measure and to get you continually thinking about flavours and styles! It also allows our brewer boys to flex their creative power and try out some neat little beers that may not have previously been trialled and experimented before, so make sure you give them a try before they get taken off the menu.

We also wanted to go next level for our customers and cater for all levels of experience, hence we have a number of standard 50L kettles for malt extracts, but will also be bringing online a 300L commercial all grain system and in the future, installing a 3,000L large scale system. Going beyond the provision of just cheap alcohol you can consume at home, our vision is to provide you a link all the way through the brewing process, as far and as big as you want to go.

Everyone says education is the most important thing. So come get one at Brew University.

Drop by, call us or even send a carrier pigeon. We would love to meet you and help you start your very own beer with us.